About Us

We are passionate co-creators...

The essence of what we’re teaching, and what Sustainable Love stands for, is taking personal responsibility for the consciousness that creates our reality, which empowers our capacity for love.  Love is the central connecting energy in spirit and form that unifies all of creation and the diverse parts of self into harmony.


We activate awareness, we transform the consciousness that doesn’t work, and we revitalize that consciousness that serves nourishment, reconciliation, self-love, and compassion.


We open our multi-dimensional Selves (all aspects of our eternal Essence) – male, female, child, angelic, galactic, past/parallel lives, and other – to integrate into human daily consciousness.


We believe that most people in this culture have been conditioned and programmed to not remember who they are as spiritual beings.  Our job is to assist in removing these illusions so you may come home into your body and reclaim the love that you truly are.


When you choose to work with us, you will be held in a unity field by practitioners who have designed a program specifically for your needs and may include coaching, integrative body work, massage, somatic trauma, healing, watsu, psychodrama, conscious soul retrieval, movement expression, meditation, energy re-patterning, emotional catharsis, and belief systems overhaul.


We are dedicated to the empowerment, evolution, and freedom of all humans!

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