Board of Directors

Faye Bates, BFAE – President

Her 30-year career as a managing partner in a mid-sized media company focused on corporate communications, encompassing multiple, diverse responsibilities. With video and written materials as the platforms of delivery, Faye worked as a Writer, Producer, Creative Director, Client Acct Mgr, and Marketing Co-Director. Currently she is an artist who also loves to hike, dance, and travel. Faye is the President of the Board of Sustainable Love, helping to create a new paradigm of collaboration in business organization and building community for those seeking authenticity and unity consciousness.

Beth Bennett, M.A., Counseling, Ed.D. – Member At-Large

Gifted Education and Family Counseling, worked in education at all different levels for over thirty years. In 2020 she is releasing her book, Return to Innocence: My Journey to Claim Wholeness from Ancestral Ritual Abuse. In this memoir, she tells about her life and how Soul Alchemy facilitated the healing of her body, mind and soul from the brutality that had fragmented her. She is currently expressing her freedom and joy of life with painting, dancing, hiking and supporting others who are awakening.

Allegra Carpegna

Allegra has spent most of her life in the arts, in which she holds a BFA . She subsequently studied in England and received an MA in Art Therapy and, most recently, trained under Robin Duda and received a Ministers license in Soul Alchemy through Sustainable Love.

After various years practicing art therapy in schools and rehabilitation centers in England, Allegra now lives in Santa Fe where her deepest desire is to facilitate healing through the arts in conjunction with her work as a Soul Alchemy Practitioner.

D’Na (Chelsee) Stewart – Community Connector

After graduating high school in 2016, Chelsee decided to take the untraditional route to purse her personal healing & entrepreneur journey. She offers opportunity to work online as your own boss, expressing your authentic soul’s truth, as an distributor of Kanger Water. She also is an apprentice for SouL Alchemy, embodying the tools to become sovereign. She is a passionate, guardian of the Freedom Paradigm we are now collectively anchoring in. What brings her the most joy is dancing & helping others become free.

Haley Welsh

Haley graduated from Truman State University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Health Science, she has been reading tarot at a professional level for over a decade and has been ordained a minister of Soul Alchemy through the Center for Soulful Living and Sustainable Love. She is a member of Sustainable Love’s board as well.

She specializes in individual sessions using a variety of tools, life organizing and unconditional loving support. She enjoys expressing through dance, music, poetry, cooking, baking and connecting with animals of all types.

Tyler White – Secretary

Tyler White is a software engineer and entrepreneur in Santa Fe, New Mexico and builds mobile apps and websites for small businesses. He is a Soul Alchemy Apprentice and has a strong desire to embody the healing philosophy and practices of Sustainable Love so that he can first support himself as healthy, sovereign man and then support others along their evolutionary blossoming. Tyler enjoys expressing himself through play, movement, dance, art and poetry. He has a particular interest in conscious relationships, men’s work and the discovery of new paradigms for masculine expression, business, sexuality and intimate partnership.