Soul Alchemy Practitioner Training

What is Soul Alchemy?

Soul Alchemy is a multi-dimensional conscious evolutionary process that creates healing through one’s soul, body, and heart partnership. Through this partnership there is an alchemy that allows for our human personal freedom, joy, internal and external unity. It is a process of choosing wholeness, compassion and self love. It is a spiritual philosophy of living that honors all of life and each individual’s right to their own soul’s path. Wholeness is empowered through the equal value between spirit and body. Soul Alchemy is grounded in the wisdom that our souls embodiment is for the purpose of growth and spiritual learning.

Soul Alchemy was co-created by Robin Duda and Ahara Vatter along with the help of many others over the last 30 years.

Intention for Training

Our intention in the Soul Alchemy training is to educate and empower our practitioner-ministers to claim their authentic knowing of their soul’s evolutionary gifts. This training accesses a multitude of personal resources and evolutionary skills for practitioners to learn how to guide others towards an empowered life. We build a community based on mutual commitment to living in love with self and others. The love and communication we share with each other is the healing resource to repair and support us in manifesting our greatest dreams. Soul Alchemy is both an individual evolutionary experience and a relationship awakening journey to the full potential of human love.

Skills and Tools of Soul Alchemy

Practitioners-ministers learn to guide and educate others in the foundations of energy-consciousness tools. This is accomplished with an alignment of their own personal will, soul, body, mind and intention. Mentoree’s are in a simultaneous process of personal awakening and learning how to guide others. They will practice and lead others in:

  • Practitioner responsibility and ethics of working intimately with others in transformation. 
  • Intuitive psychic guidance
  • Energy clearing and grounding processes
  • Rainbow light healing energetic, the power of intention and prayer.
  • Building an inner sanctuary for inner healing and establishing a Governing Center.
  • Governing Center as the heart wisdom of unity and new inner compass. 
  • Loving presence with self and others.
  • Building a healing rapport with clients.
  • Setting intentions based on an interview and listening process.
  • Healing Communication Skills: 
    • Empathetic Active listening skills
    • Reflective Communication
    • Assertive Communication
  • Soul Dialogue 
    • Male Parts
    • Female Parts
    • Integration of Multidimensional Parts
    • Inner Child and Inner Landscape Balancing
  • Inner and Outer Family Processes of Creating a New Field Internally
  • New Beliefs and Teaching Skills of Truthful Communication in Current Relationships.
  • Transformation Processes:
    • Dis-creation 
    • Emotional Release
    • Recreation 
    • New Imprints 
    • Action Plans.
  • Somatic Trauma Based Healing Strategies:
    • Healing Touch 
    • Body Work.
  • Entity Release and Clearing Vibration Enmeshment with Others to Create a Sovereign Field 
  • Full Reconciliation and Forgiveness with Others.
  • Soul Contract Release
  • Methods of Healing Illness
  • Discovering the Cause of Said Illness in our Personality, Body and Soul.
  • Leading Ceremony, Group Process and Activities.
  • Group Stages of Growth and Development. 
  • Develop a Transformational Container of Safety and Love.

The Nature of Evolving the Soul Through Integration of the Shadow and the Light into Our Bodies.

The Principles of Soul Alchemy

  1. We are eternal beings with many forms all a part of our source. Our soul is multi-dimensional. This life is a gift that our soul’s have chosen and our journey as humans can be conscious or not. Soul Alchemy is a partnership of conscious soul evolution.
  2. While in this incarnation our spirit and body are one. We have a choice to experience wholeness. The soul-spirit self is learning through and from the physical creations and the body personal self is learning from the soul-spirit. Our awakening then creates an opportunity to consciously unify any fragments of soul into wholeness through our body and free will. This is called conscious soul evolution.
  3. Our inner and outer realities are one. Our consciousness is always being demonstrated and reflected on the outside. The inner landscape or hologram is created from vibration and electro-magnetic fields generated by multidimensional beliefs, vows, identities, decisions, DNA, ancestral imprints, spiritual attachments and inner relational dynamics among the soul parts and the personality. These inner states impact all the bodies, astral-emotional, mental, etheric, and physical. And all these realms impact our inner consciousness.
  4. Empowerment comes from our personal responsibilities and free will choice to become a conscious co-creator with the universe and others. If we want to see a change in our reality we must stay in the commitment to inner unity and love and choose the behaviors and relationships that serve nourishment and expansion of our authentic nature and others. We then choose to transform separation into love and freedom. We bring unconsciousness to consciousness. Transformation involves inside work and outer behavioral change.
  5. All human beings have a right to personal empowerment and evolution no matter what their karma or past experiences. Each individual has a right to their inner healer, eternal soul and alchemist. We have a right to our needs, feelings and wants and to live life in happiness and to pursue our greatest joy and soul’s purpose. We have a right to experience freedom, safety and love on this earth plane. This is the power of the governing center to hold this knowing for the self.
  6. As conscious co-creators we choose to evolve the soul and heal the separation. The process of the soul’s evolution calls forward the integration and resolution of the soul as victim victimizer and rescuer. If these aspects are denied and or prominent, it creates separation. We then have journey’s of blame, negativity, abuse, dominance, power over and under dynamics. These aspects are seeking to heal in the spiritual, emotional physical mental realms and we then discover more self-love, self forgiveness, free choice, and empowerment in our lives.
  7. Love is the healer, the mega juice and unifier of all.