The Founders

The Founders of Sustainable Love


Robin Duda – Co-Founder, Minister of Soul Alchemy, Masters in Dance Therapy & Social Work

Over the past 25 years, Robin has created a healing process called Soul Alchemy.

Robin’s gifts for healing, psychic empathic awareness, and multidimensional awareness were dramatically anchored in 1990 by a near-death experience.  This event radically altered her perception of being a “helper”. As she connected with Source, she was shown that her Soul created all events in her life and the opportunity the Soul has to heal with the body and personality once it fully chooses Love of Self.

Robin accesses a trans-dimensional aspect of herself called Rahim Gaia who has the gift of catalyzing awareness of the eternal soul’s core issues currently impacting one’s life. This part of Robin has been a primary teacher in the evolution of both Joseph and Robin, their healing team, and their clients.

Robin has integrated expressive arts in her healing processes because of her long time love of performance in music, dance and acting.

Joseph Duda – Co-Founder, RA, NCARB

Joseph offers multi-dimensional healing facilitation by focusing on the core cause of issues currently manifesting in clients’ lives.  He is a trained psychic, empath, and body worker.

Joseph’s approach to emulate the client’s belief system paradigm, rather than assuming the client will follow his, ensures a rapid delving into the origins of the deep disturbances affecting the individual, and has proven successful for high-level trauma victims.

Joseph assists people to transform the structures of consciousness to allow them to create the realities they truly desire.  As a licensed and practicing architect, he views the Universe, human consciousness, and the world as architecture – interrelated systems that create more than the sum of their parts.

During the past 25 years, Joseph has led men’s groups and healing seminars and has spoken about spiritual awareness to thousands of people.